TJ Exam Prep Facts

 The oldest TJ test prep program presents everything you always wanted to know about the TJ test and TJ Prep but had no one to ask. Must read these facts and myths about TJ test prep before starting your TJ Prep. Hundreds of our students have been accepted to TJ since 1994. Our students have scored  95th percentile or better each year.

Facts To Know Before Starting Your TJHSST Admission Test Prep

Are you interested in attending Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJ)?

Before you choose between preparing on your own or enrolling in a TJ Prep program, read this to familiarize yourself with the selection process – students have only one chance to apply for freshman admission to TJ so it behooves you to put your best foot forward.

Optimal TJ Prep, a service of Tripathi Learning and Enrichment Center, has over 24 years of experience in helping several hundred students obtain admission to TJ and has worked with hundreds of other TJ students on math, science or PSAT/SAT prep.

Myths & Facts About TJ Admissions

From the founding of TJ until about 2000, its administrators and admissions office told prospective students at TJ open houses, "You can't prepare for the TJ Test." Shortly afterward, Fairfax County Public Schools began offering TJ preparation courses. We have been helping students prepare for both freshman and transfer (10th or 11th grade) admission to TJ for 24 years.

Some common myths about TJ prep:

If a student has straight A's, he or she will not need any help with TJ prep.

This is not always true. Different schools in the same county have different course difficulty levels and grading standards. Each year I teach 7th graders who are receiving A's in Algebra I, yet cannot solve simple word problems. Unless you analyze your strengths and weaknesses and have historical data to evaluate your performance, you will not know how you stack up against other applicants.

Students that need TJ prep help will not do well in courses at TJ.

Not necessarily. In fact each year, several of my students start at a level where they are not able to do well on the TJ test. After our training the vast majority of these students attend TJ and excel there.

Students that attend Gifted and Talented (G/T) center schools will not need help with TJ prep.

Not quite. All G/T courses are not equally rigorous. Receiving high grades in a G/T program does not always lead to a strong performance on the TJ test. 

An elementary or junior high school student who is not performing well in math or science courses will not do well on the TJ admissions test.

Actually, many such students respond to our training and dramatically improve their performance in several academic areas, in addition to math and science. They go on to perform well on the TJ test and succeed academically in high school and beyond.

Some students are naturally "wired" to be high achievers; it is equally true that students who are motivated and willing to put in sufficient effort can improve significantly.

Some facts about TJ prep and TJ admissions:

What is the admissions process?

According to the official TJHSST Admissions information website, the first step considers the student's TJ test scores and his or her GPA. There are minimum requirements for GPA (3.0), the overall TJ test score (65/100), and the math component score (30/50). The second step considers a combination of the math component score of the TJ test, teacher recommendations, essay responses, GPA from math/science courses, and responses to a series of questions on a "Student Information Sheet."

Where do you stand in relation to the competition?

The answer to this question is critical before you plan and start your TJ test preparations. The answer is not easy to determine for most students as it depends on your strengths and weaknesses in math, reading, logical reasoning, and writing. The admissions process is competitive and only about 15% of students who apply are accepted. Access to a measure (TJ Prep Readiness Index and Quant Q Performance Simulator Index) which enable you to compare your abilities with those of other TJ aspirants (those who are bound to succeed and those who may not) is invaluable. We have given our TJ prep readiness assessment to over one thousand students and have an accurate idea of what kind of performance is predictive of a score in the 90th percentile or higher. We have evaluated over 70 students and computed our newly designed and calibrated QQPSI. Only such unique indices can empower you to know from the beginning the proper effort level required for you to succeed on the TJ test.

How do you prepare to excel on the TJ test?

We firmly believe that a single method of teaching does not suit every student. Through two decades of working with thousands of students in many academic subjects and standardized tests, we have developed and refined successful strategies for raising grades and test scores. 

If you wish to learn how the unique training by Optimal TJ Prep can assist you in preparing for the TJ admissions test, or if you wish to find out where your student stands in relation to thousands of others, please take our TJ prep readiness assessment.

Our students have been doing exceedingly well on the TJ test since 1994. Our TJ prep program was recognized by The Washington Post in a December 2001 article which headlined that our students were "outsmarting the competition." To see how your student can achieve similar success, please contact us to schedule your TJHSST admission assessment.